Polaroid Frames

So on October 3rd I had a once in a lifetime experience. I was invited to what is called “1989 Secret Session” aka I went to Taylor Swift’s apartment (with about 89 others) and we listened to her new album. Taylor has a new album coming out on October 27th, 2014 called 1989 (The year she was born). The only photo we were allowed at the event, was a polaroid picture. And all throughout Swift’s apartment, she has frames full of polaroid pictures. Polaroid cameras are expensive because of the ink and paper you need to constantly buy for it. So I’m going to show you how to make your own polaroid picture frames! Below is my Photo of Taylor and I so you can get an idea of what the Polaroid frames are like.


Step 1: Save this polaroid Picture Frame Photo to your computer, and open it in a micro-soft word document: ( make it any size you want) I like to format it 4.5×6

Drag the photo into microsoft word and make the photo dimensions 4.5×6. Then Print.

IMG_5867Once you print it out, you are going to want to cut out the polaroid frame from your paper. The colors are different shades of white so you can easily see the lines to cut it out. After you cut out the frame, you are going to cut out the black center. I fold it in half and then make a little cut in the black area so that my scissors can get in there to cut.IMG_5869IMG_5870IMG_5871

For the frame, you can use any type of white paper that you would like. I prefer to use Photo paper because I like how the shine of the paper goes with the shine of the photo and looks more like a real polaroid. Take your stencil and tape it on the paper. Then trace the stencil onto the paper. Take off the stencil and cut along the lines. Be sure to cute out the middle with the same technique used above.


I had a lot of extra photos from decorating my room, I got them pretend at CVS and they are 4×6 photo paper. Simply Place the frame on behind the photo to make sure the photo fits. Then use the frame as a stencil to draw it on the photo and cut the lines on the photo. Next,use a glue stick to glue the back on the frame (the non glossy part if you are using photo paper), and place the photo, it should fit perfectly in the frame if you cut the lines right.IMG_5878IMG_5879IMG_5880(optional), I took a sharpie and wrote some things about when the photo was taken to always remember.IMG_5884

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